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Corporation Tax Forms

Corporate Tax Returns for Tax Amnesty
To participate in the Tax Amnesty program, corporations with unfiled returns in tax years 2014 and prior MUST file the six-page, non-year specific RCT-101. If you need year-specific tax instructions only, please follow the link below the tax years listed at the bottom of the page.

The 6-page RCT-101 includes the corporate net income tax, capital stock/foreign franchise tax, and loans.

If filing capital stock/foreign franchise tax and corporate net income tax calculating zero tax due, the apportionment factor must have a zero numerator and the denominator must be either 1 or reconcile to the Federal Return.

The six-page, non-year specific RCT-101 is available as a fillable form or a print only download.

All corporation tax returns filed as part of the Tax Amnesty program (RCT-101 and Specialty Tax returns) must be mailed to the following address:

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
PO Box 281101
Harrisburg, PA 17128-1101

If you are not participating in Tax Amnesty, please mail the return to the address provided in the form instructions.

Please select Tax Year:

NOTE: Year-specific, instructions only, for tax years 1996 through 2009 can be found using the following link.

1996 to 2009 Instructions