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​Sales and Use Tax Help for Businesses

The Department of Revenue has launched a new customer service outreach program to help Pennsylvania businesses. The program involves employees from the Department of Revenue meeting with Pennsylvania business owners to help them understand how their business is impacted by the sales and use tax laws and regulations in Pennsylvania. This program is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to help businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business owners should know that this is a free program that is entirely optional. If business owners choose to take advantage of the program, this will not result in any assessment or increase any chances of a future audit.
This program will involve a department representative working directly with the business to review the procedures for: 

  • Charging, collecting and remitting sales tax
  • Accruing and remitting use tax
  • Recordkeeping
  • Electronic filing of returns and payments
  • Department information resources

One goal of this program is to help Pennsylvania business owners avoid common sales and use tax errors. Participating in this program may also prevent additional business costs associated with these errors and decrease the chances of an unexpected tax assessment.