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Licensee Tax Responsibility Program

The LTRP was established in 2011 to ensure that individuals and businesses (licensees and employees) are compliant with state taxes.  The department currently reviews licensees of the Insurance Department, Department of Banking and Securities, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and Department of State.  In addition to these licensees, the department reviews potential and current Commonwealth employees under the Governor’s jurisdiction, along with tax credit applicants, and Cigarette Tax and Lottery licensees.

Why Am I Receiving a Letter?

The most common compliance issue is non-filed tax returns, followed by collectable tax liabilities.

If you received a letter related to a Personal Income Tax concern, the IRS provided data that would indicate you may have earned PA taxable income during a specific year, and no return is on file, or you have a balance due beyond the appeal period.

Your licensing agency has submitted you for a tax compliance review per Executive Order 2011-06.  If you are concerned about the status of your license, please contact the issuing agency.

What Should I Do Upon Receiving a Letter?

If you received a letter, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Bureau of Compliance, Business License Clearance Division at 717-425-2493, extension 91153.

Our agents will review the tax compliance status of each licensee or applicant & verify compliance with the business registration, filing and payment requirements of any state tax administered by the taxing agencies.
Please note, for account review & safeguarding purposes, the agent will first need to verify your identity by requesting your name, tracking number indicated on your letter and possibly the last 4 digits of your social security number & your address.

Regarding the confidentiality of tax information, the department’s agents are permitted to speak with the taxpayer(s) and/or the Power of Attorney on file, and are only permitted to verify information that you provide.

Where Do I Send Documentation?

All documentation and/or correspondence regarding a letter received should be faxed to 717-783-6055, emailed to, or mailed to:

PA Department of Revenue
Bureau of Compliance
PO Box 281230
Harrisburg, PA 17128-1230

*Please include the tracking number on all correspondence.

If your account has been referred to a Third Party Collection agencies utilized by PA Department of Revenue, you must contact that agency at:

LGBS: 717-236-7666 or 888-999-1455
Alliance One: 866-583-3417
Arcadia Recovery Bureau: 888-271-2712