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Fill-in and Print-Only Forms Information

The department no longer offers a "print-only" version and a "fill-in" version for certain forms. Only the fill-in version will be available. Fill-in versions have the ability to be completed online and saved to a computer or printed immediately. These same forms can be printed as blank forms for hand-written entries.

The updated form name will keep the print-only format. The words "fillin" will no longer appear at the end.

EXAMPLE: The Inheritance Tax Return was previously available as the rev-1500.pdf and the rev-1500_fillin.pdf. This form is now combined and labeled as the rev-1500.pdf.

Both versions of some forms will still appear on the department's site until updated versions are created.

Note: Please know that all fill-in PDF forms should be downloaded and saved to your computer or device before you start entering information. This is the easiest way to electronically fill out the forms and prevent losing any information that you’ve entered.