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2021 Corporation Tax Forms

Corptax 168k Example -- 168K Example - Adjustment for Bonus Depreciation

CT-V -- PA Corporate Net Income Tax Fed/State Payment Voucher

DCT-64 -- Corporation Tax Bulletin Number 123 - Subjectivity to Gross Receipts Taxes Article IX Mobile Telecommunications

PA-8453 C -- 2021 PA Corporate Net Income Tax Declaration for a State e-file Report

PA-8879 C -- 2021 e-file Signature Authorization for RCT-101, PA Corporate Tax Report

RCT-101 -- 2021 PA Corporate Net Income Tax Report

RCT-101D -- Declaration of de minimis Pennsylvania Activity

RCT-101-I -- 2021 Inactive PA Corporate Tax Report

RCT-103 -- 2021 Net Operating Loss Schedule

RCT-106 -- Determination of Apportionment Percentage - Insert Sheet - File With RCT-101

RCT-111 -- Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report - Telecommunications (Form and Instructions)

RCT-112 -- Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report - Electric, Hydro-Electric and Water Power Companies (Form and Instructions)

RCT-113A -- Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report - Transportation Company (Other than Motor Vehicle) (Form and Instructions)

RCT-121A -- Gross Premiums Tax - Domestic Casualty, Fire or Life Insurance Companies (Form and Instructions)

RCT-121B -- Gross Premiums Tax - Foreign Life or Foreign Title Insurance Companies (Form and Instructions)

RCT-121C -- Gross Premiums Tax - Foreign Casualty or Foreign Fire Insurance Companies (Form and Instructions)

RCT-122 -- Gross Premiums Tax - Premiums Paid to Unauthorized Foreign Insurance Companies (Form and Instructions)

RCT-123 -- Gross Premiums Tax - Surplus Lines Agents (Form and Instructions)

RCT-124 -- Underwriting Profits Tax - Domestic and Foreign Marine Insurance (Form and Instructions)

RCT-125 -- Corporate Net Income Tax Report - Cooperative Agriculture Association (Form and Instructions)

RCT-126 -- Membership Report - Electric Cooperative Corporations (Form and Instructions)

RCT-127 A -- 2021 Public Utility Realty Tax Report (Form and Instructions)

RCT-128C -- 2021 Report of Change in PA Corporate Net Income Tax

RCT-128C IN -- 2021 Instructions for RCT-128C - Report of Change in Corporate Net Income Tax

RCT-131 -- Gross Receipts Tax Report - Private Bankers (Form and Instructions)

RCT-132A -- PA Title Insurance Company Shares Tax Report (Form and Instructions)

RCT-132B -- Pennsylvania Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax Report (Form and Instructions)

RCT-143 -- Net Income Tax Report - Mutual Thrift Institutions (Form and Instructions)

RCT-900 IN -- 2021 Instructions for RCT-900 - Public Utility Realty Report by Local Taxing Authorities

REV-423 -- PA Corporation Specialty Taxes Estimated Payment Coupon and Instructions

REV-426 -- PA Corporation Specialty Taxes Extension Coupon and Instructions

REV-582 -- Brochure: Corporation Taxes - Subchapter S Corporations - Limited Liability Companies

REV-774 -- Assignment of Tax Credit

REV-798 -- Schedule C-2 PA Dividend Deduction Schedule/Schedule X

REV-802 -- Schedule C-6 Add-Back For Intangible Expenses or Cost and Related Interested

REV-803 -- Schedule C-7 Credit For Tax Paid By Affiliated Entities

REV-853 -- PA Corporate Net Income Tax Annual Extension Request Coupon and Instructions

REV-854 -- EIN/Tax Year/Address Change Coupon and Instructions

REV-857 -- PA Corporate Net Income Tax Estimated Tax Payment Coupon and Instructions

REV-860 -- Schedule C-5 Schedule of Taxes/Schedule OA - Other Additions/Schedule OD - Other Deductions

REV-861 -- Schedule DA - Disposition of Assets

REV-934 -- Schedule of Nonbusiness Income

REV-976 -- Election Not To Be Taxed as a Pennsylvania S Corporation

REV-984 -- Pennsylvania Organ & Bone Marrow Donor Tax Credit

REV-986 -- Schedule to Support Claim of Exemption From Corporate Net Income Tax Under P.L. 86-272

REV-1175 -- Schedule AR

REV-1200 -- 2021 PA Corporate Net Income Tax - CT-1 Instructions

REV-1605 -- Names of Corporate Officers Coupon and Instructions

REV-1834 -- Schedule C-8 - Adjustment For Bonus Depreciation