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​What Should I Do Upon Receiving a Letter?

If you received a letter related to a Personal Income Tax concern, the IRS provided data that would indicate you may have a PA State Tax filing obligation.

Please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Bureau of Compliance, Business License Clearance Division at 717-787-3911, Option 5.

Our agents will review the tax compliance status of each licensee or applicant & verify compliance with the business registration, filing and payment requirements of any state tax administered by the taxing agencies.

Please note, for account review & safeguarding purposes, the agent will first need to verify your identity by requesting your name, tracking number indicated on your letter and possibly the last 4 digits of your social security number & your address.

Regarding the confidentiality of tax information, the department’s agents are permitted to speak with the taxpayer(s) and/or the Power of Attorney on file.

Due to confidentiality of tax information, agents are only permitted to verify information that you provide.

Where Do I Send Documentation?

All documentation and/or correspondence regarding a letter received should be faxed to 717-783-6055 or mailed to:

PA Dept of Revenue
Bureau of Compliance
4th & Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17128

Please include the tracking number on all correspondence.