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Personal Income Tax

KOZ/KOEZ Reporting Requirements: Residents, Property Owners and Sole Proprietorships

  • To expedite processing of your PA personal income tax return, you must include all tax schedules and W2/W3 forms with PA-40 KOZ. Failure to provide the department with supporting documentation will result in refund suspension.
  • Single-member limited liability companies (LLCs) considered disregarded entities for federal and PA personal income tax purposes must complete and file PA Schedule KOZ and PA-40 KOZ.
  • Single-member LLCs electing to be treated as S corporations must file PA-20S/PA-65 Information Returns and PA Schedules P-S KOZ.

    PA-40 KOZ – The PA-40 KOZ will be mailed to qualified applicants beginning in mid-December and ending in March.

    If you do not receive your PA-40 KOZ by March 15th., please contact the Department of Revenue’s KOZ Coordinator at 717-772-3896 or

KOZ/KOEZ Reporting Requirements: Partnerships, S Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Please provide the department with a Schedule P-S KOZ and KOZ RCT-101, if applicable, and RK-1/NRK-1 for all petitioners of the exemption.

Schedule P-S KOZ – Calculation of PA Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) Exempt Income for Partners and Shareholders.

P-S KOZ Instructions – Supplemental Instructions for Schedule P-S KOZ for qualified businesses classified as partnerships, S corporations and limited liability companies.

Note for tax preparers: Schedule P-S KOZ is only available online and will not be mailed to qualified businesses.