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Unstampable Little Cigar

The department is excited to announce the new electronic filing and remittance process for Cigarette Tax on Unstampable Little Cigars. Taxpayers must visit e-TIDES, the department’s electronic business tax filing system, to file and pay for Unstampable Little Cigars. Due to this development, the department will no longer be mailing or accepting paper REV-1142, Unstampable Little Cigar Tax Returns.  All licensed cigarette wholesalers are required to file a monthly return for Unstampable Little Cigars, even for periods where no taxable sales occurred.

Through e-TIDES taxpayers will have the ability to:

  • Register;
  • File both PA State returns and when/if applicable Philadelphia returns;
  • File amendments electronically;
  • Remit payments; and
  • Upload Schedule L information.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the department at 717-787-8326.