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Section 2 of the Jenkins Act, as amended by the PACT Act, provides that any person who sells, transfers, ships, advertises or offers for sale cigarettes or smokeless tobacco in interstate commerce must first file a statement with the Attorney General of the United States and the tobacco tax administrators of the state and place into which the shipment is made or in which the advertisement or offer is disseminated. The statement must provide:

  • the person’s name, and trade name, if any;
  • the address of the person’s principal place of business and of any other place of business;
  • the telephone numbers for each place of business;
  • a principal e-mail address;
  • any website addresses; and
  • the name, address and telephone number of an agent in Pennsylvania authorized to accept service on the person’s behalf.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will accept a copy of the statement required to be filed with the Attorney General of the United States. A blank registration form (ATF F 5070.1) is available on the ATF’s website,