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myPATH for Motor and Alternative Fuel Taxes

myPATH - Pennsylvania Tax Hub

Introduced in February 2019, myPATH offers a suite of intuitive and modern features to taxpayers with filing and payment obligations to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Bureau of Motor and Alternative Fuel Taxes. This bureau facilitates the administration of Motor Fuel Tax, Alternative Fuels Tax, Motor Carriers Road Tax, International Fuel Tax Agreement, and Pennsylvania Fuel Transporter operations.

Features available to IFTA, MCRT, Motor Fuel Tax, Alternative Fuels Tax and PA Fuel Transporter users include:

  • Registering and renewing accounts online
  • Making Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit payments online
  • Saving payment information
  • Filing tax returns and receiving funds through direct deposit
  • Submitting and reviewing amended returns
  • Managing credentials