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Important Change for Tax Preparers Receiving Client Correspondence through the Mail

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July 08, 2019 10:00 AM
By: Revenue Communications Department

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In an effort to save resources and better utilize existing electronic options, the Department of Revenue is eliminating the option for tax preparers to request their clients' department correspondence be delivered to them through the U.S. mail.

This was previously an option available through many of the department's corporation tax forms. Previously, the mail-to-preparer option appeared on corporation tax forms as either "Mail to Preparer," "Send All Correspondence to the Preparer" or "Check to Send All Correspondence to Preparer." Here are the forms that are affected: 

RCT-101 IRCT-125


The department is removing this option as it turns to electronic solutions that are more efficient for taxpayers and preparers. The department is encouraging business taxpayers and preparers to sign up for electronic correspondence, a feature available in e-TIDES, the department's online business tax system, that allows for the delivery of all department correspondence in electronic form.

This feature streamlines the process for business owners and tax professionals looking to access their correspondence as it becomes available. This electronic delivery also saves money and is environmentally friendly.

If you are a tax preparer who wishes to access your clients' Pennsylvania corporation tax correspondence, the department encourages you to work with your clients to access their e-TIDES accounts. The department established guidance to help tax preparers understand how to sign up for electronic correspondence.

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