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Corporate Lien Certificates

A corporate lien certificate is a document issued by the Department of Revenue which reflects Corporation Tax liabilities for the named entity.  Corporation Tax liabilities are statutory liens which encumber the land and personal property of the entity; third parties may need to know whether property in a transaction is encumbered.  A Corporate Lien Certificate is not a substitute for a Corporate Tax Clearance or a Bulk Sale Clearance Certificate.

The corporate lien certificate will certify settled corporate tax obligations owed to the Commonwealth. This lien certificate is restricted to settled deficiencies, no mention is made of credits, if any, that may be available in the tax account.

In order to obtain a corporate lien certificate, please complete the Corporate Lien Certificate Request.

Note: Please keep in mind the Corporate Lien Certificate Application will only work with certain web browsers. If you experience problems with Internet Explorer, please try using Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or another supported web browser.

Each Corporate Lien Certificate request requires a $2.00 fee, payable by check or money order.

  • Payments do not need to be sent overnight.
  • If submitting multiple requests, please combine the $2.00 fee on one payment type. Example: A $10.00 check would cover the fee for requestors sending in 5 Corporate Lien Certificate Requests.

Payments should be made payable to Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and mailed to:

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Corporate Lien Certificate Request
PO BOX 947
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0947

The Address listed above is for PAYMENTS only.  Do not send any additional information with the payment.

Allow up to 7-10 business days to receive the corporate lien certificate.  The results will be sent back to you via email.

Any questions or status requests can be submitted to the department via email at, no sooner than 3 business days after submitting your request.