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Corporation Taxes

Attention: Corporate Specialty Tax Account Holders

Online filing and payment options for most Corporate Specialty Tax account holders will soon be available on myPATH, the Department of Revenue’s modern e-services portal. These options will be available starting November 30, 2022. This means e-TIDES and TeleFile will not support filing and payment options for corporate specialty account holders after this transition.

myPATH currently supports filing for the following reports:

  • RCT-125, Cooperative Agricultural Association CNI Tax Report
  • RCT-126, Electric Cooperative Membership Report

On November 30, 2022, myPATH will support filing for the following additional reports:

  • RCT-111, Telecommunications Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Report
  • RCT-112, Electric, Hydro-Electric & Water Power Companies GRT Report
  • RCT-113A, Transportation Company (Other than Motor Vehicle) GRT Report
  • RCT-121A, Domestic Casualty, Fire or Life Insurance Companies Gross Premiums Tax
  • RCT-121B, Foreign Life or Foreign Title Insurance Companies Gross Premiums Tax
  • RCT-121C, Foreign Casualty or Foreign Fire Insurance Companies Gross Premiums Tax
  • RCT-122, Premiums Paid to Unauthorized Foreign Insurance Companies GPT
  • RCT-123, Surplus Lines Agents Gross Premiums Tax
  • RCT-124, Domestic and Foreign Marine Insurance Underwriting Profits Tax
  • RCT-132B, PA Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax Report
  • RCT-143, Mutual Thrift Institutions Net Income Tax Report

To learn more about myPATH and supported functionality, visit

Domestic (incorporated in Pennsylvania) and foreign corporations (incorporated outside Pennsylvania) doing business in Pennsylvania are subject to corporate net income tax.

In addition, Pennsylvania corporations are subject to corporate loans tax (for tax years beginning on or before December 31, 2013). Pennsylvania corporations are also required to pay capital stock tax and foreign corporations are required to remit foreign franchise tax (for tax years beginning before January 1, 2016).

Special classes of domestic and foreign corporations are subject to various selective business taxes including a gross receipts tax levied on utility and transportation companies; a gross premiums tax imposed on domestic and foreign insurance companies; a public utility realty tax levied on regulated utilities; and the bank and trust company shares tax, title insurance company shares tax or mutual thrift institutions tax levied on financial institutions.