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Contacting the Department by Telephone

Topic Phone Number
Self-Service Forms & Account Access (Touch-tone service is required for this automated, 24-hour toll-free line. Call to order forms or check the status of a personal income tax account, corporate tax account or property tax/rent rebate.) 1-888-PATAXES
Personal Income Tax 717-787-8201
Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program 1-888-222-9190
Business Taxes (corporation tax, employer withholding, sales/use tax and registration) 717-787-1064
Inheritance Tax 717-787-8327
Delinquent Collections for Individual Taxes 717-783-3000
Delinquent Collections for Business Taxes 717-783-8434
Press Office 717-787-6960
Executive Office 717-783-3683
Taxpayers' Rights Advocate 717-772-9347
Unclaimed Property (Treasury Department) 1-800-222-2046

Non-English-speaking taxpayers may receive assistance from the department through an interpretation service, available through almost all Revenue phone numbers.

El Departamento de Impuestos puede ayudar los contribuyentes que no hablan ingles por medio de un servicio de traduccion durante el periodo de pago de impuestos.