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Reports and Statistics

Tax Lien List
Public listing of individuals and businesses against whom/which the department has filed tax liens protecting the commonwealth’s interest in liabilities owed to it.

Monthly Revenue Reports
Summary reports of monthly tax collections and refunds; receipts for some special funds; key economic indicators; fund growth and comparisons to estimates.

Revenue and Receipts Reports

Tax Compendium
A general guide to PA taxes, describing the basis, rate and history of state taxes.

Statistical Supplements for the Tax Compendium
Reports tax collections and statistics by fiscal year.

Personal Income Tax Statistics
Provides income tax collections and statistics by county for a tax year.

School District Income Tax Statistics
Reports income tax data by school district based on PA personal income tax returns.

Corporation Tax Statistics
Provides corporate net income tax and capital stock/foreign franchise tax statistics for a tax year.

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Reports
Provides statistics detailing this rebate program for seniors and residents with disabilities.

Estimate Documentation
Statistics behind the department’s revenue estimates for the Governor's proposed budget.

Enhanced Revenue Collections Reports
Reports to the Pennsylvania General Assembly on the Enhanced Revenue Collection Account

Pennsylvania’s Earned Income Tax Collection System — Statewide Collections Feasibility Study
A feasibility study on the potential for a statewide collection process for the local earned income tax housed at the Department of Revenue.

Tax Credit Reports
Reports on tax credit and tax benefit programs administered by the Department, including reports mandated by Act 25-2021.

Other Reports

Department of Revenue 2022-23 Budget Presentation

Act 52 of 2013 Bank Shares Tax Reform Report

2017 Final Tax Amnesty Report
2010 Final Tax Amnesty Report

2006 Film Production Tax Credit Report

2004 Report on Act 46 of 2003

2004 PA Business Tax Reform Commission Final Report

Direct Pay Permits