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​​​​​​​​All myPATH Video Tutorials​​


Accessing Accounts with Federal Tax Information

Adding a DBA Name to Your Business

Completing the REV-1882

Creating a myPATH Profile for PURTA

Creating a Primary User Profile

Creating a Third Party User Profile

Filing a Malt Beverage Tax Report

Filing a Parcel and Millage Report

Filing a Personal Income Tax Return (PA-40)

Filing a Property Tax/Rent Rebate Application

Filing a Quarterly W-3

Filing a REV-1667

Filing Sales Tax Returns

How to Bulk Upload 1099s - Primary User

How to Bulk Upload 1099s - Third Party

How to File your Sales Tax Return from your Smart Device

How to Pay Off a Lien

How to Submit a Research and Development Tax Credit Application

Making Estimated Payments

Making Extension Payments

Making Period Deposit Payments

Making a Return Payment

Manually Entering 1099s or W-2s

Paying a Bill

PA Schedule DC – Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Tax Credit

Renewing a Cigarette and Tobacco License

Responding to a Letter

Requesting Account Access

Requesting a Corporate Lien Certificate

Requesting a Payment Plan - Primary Profile

Requesting a Payment Plan - Third Party

Requesting a Statement of Account - Primary Users

Requesting a Statement of Account - Third Party

Sales Tax Bulk File Uploads for Third Party Vendors

Sending a Message - Primary Profile

Signing Up for myPATH from your Smart Device

Using a Smart Device to access myPATH

Sending a Message - 3rd Party Profile

Setting Up Due Date Reminders

Submitting a Frequency Change

Tracking Corporation Tax Payments and Credits

Tracking Personal Income Tax Payments and Credits

Updating the Legal Name of Your Business

Updating Your Address

Viewing and Printing Letters - Primary Profile

Viewing and Printing Letters - Third Party Profile

Where's My Rebate?

View Property Tax/Rent Rebate Claim Status

Where's My Refund?

View Personal Income Tax Refund Status

Como Llenar la Solicitud PA-1000

Declaración de Impuestos Sobre los Ingresos Personales