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Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Voluntary Disclosure Program provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals who have recently become aware of their Pennsylvania tax obligations to voluntarily come forward. In return for coming forward voluntarily, filing their tax returns, and clearing their tax debts, taxpayers are only responsible for the payment of tax and interest. Penalties for all taxes administered by the PA Department of Revenue will be waived when the requirements of the Voluntary Disclosure Agreement have been completed.

The program is only available to those taxpayers who are not registered with the department and for which no investigations or collection actions have begun.

Pennsylvania’s Voluntary Disclosure Program. Getting straight on your state taxes may be easier than you think.

The Voluntary Disclosure Program was created for individuals and businesses that have not met their tax obligations because they were not aware of them. Pennsylvania’s Voluntary Disclosure Program offers one-stop service for all taxes. The Department’s liaison officer will work to make sure that all of the taxpayer’s filing and payment requirements have been fulfilled. Taxpayers emerge from the program with a clean slate and on the right track.

*NOTE: This is not the same as the Use Tax Voluntary Compliance Program