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Approved Third-Party Software Vendors​ For Sales Tax Filing

Each representation below provided by the software vendors, have not been validated by the department and does not reflect endorsement of by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Avalara - Tax compliance done right

Avalara makes tax compliance faster, easier, more accurate, and more reliable for 30,000+ business and government customers in over 90 countries. Tax compliance automation software solutions from Avalara leverage 1,200+ signed partner integrations across leading ecommerce, ERP, and other billing systems to power tax calculations, document management, tax return filing, and tax content access. Visit to improve your compliance journey.

Intuit Quickbooks 

Intuit provides a fully automated sales tax compliance solution to organizations with sales across any channel (in-store, catalog or internet sales). The Automated Sales Tax system inside of QuickBooks Online can instantly calculate sales taxes accurate down to the precise street level address. All of the tax rules and rates are applied and updated automatically eliminating the need to set up any tax rate tables or maintain them over time. In addition, the Automated Sales Tax service can easily be configured to ensure that products such as digital goods, clothing, food, shipping, etc. that may be subject to reduced or exempt tax rates are taxed appropriately. The Automated Sales Tax system can also track tax exempt entities such as resellers, governments, hospitals, schools, etc. that may be exempt from paying sales taxes and automatically omit them from orders to those customers. Automated Sales Tax can automatically file sales tax returns and remit tax payments to every state and local jurisdiction. Intuit is an approved electronic filer in all states that accept sales tax e-filing and is one of the charter companies certified by Streamlined Sales Tax (SST), a program which is represented by 44 out of the 45 states that collect sales tax. For more information about Intuit’s Automated Sales Tax feature inside QuickBooks Online please visit us at or e-mail us at


The Vertex Indirect Tax Returns solution makes multi-state tax compliance quick and far less expensive. Vertex Returns is a Windows® PC application that automatically produces signature-ready state and local sales/use tax returns. Using data generated from any host financial application or tax calculation engine, Vertex Returns formats and prints the forms you need to file, including sales and use tax returns, schedules, worksheets, electronic return data files, and payment requests for state and local jurisdictions. Key features include:

  • Supplies accurate and timely tax rate, return and regulatory data
  • Supports traditional and electronic (eFile) returns filing
  • Generates paper and electronic payment requests with full general ledger coding
  • Maintains a clear, detailed audit trail

The Vertex Indirect Tax Returns software is simple to install, operate and comes with outstanding customer support.

Telephone: 800-281-1900


Designed specifically for e-Commerce merchants, TaxJar is a web-based service that makes Pennsylvania sales and use tax filing simple. TaxJar eliminates the hours spent manipulating spreadsheets by automatically importing sales history from your e-Commerce store platform, including Amazon, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay and others. TaxJar calculates your sales tax liabilities, broken down by jurisdiction, and makes it simple to file. In addition, TaxJar will point out if you are under- or over-collecting, so that you can adjust your store platform settings properly. There is no software to download, install or configure. There are no “activation” fees. You can try TaxJar for 30 days, free of charge, no credit card required. For more information, please visit


AviorData Tax Compliance is a software product that automates the import, processing, and filing of sales & use taxes to local, county, state, and federal jurisdictions across the entire U.S. It reduces the complexity of the sales and use tax filing process generating signature-ready tax returns for distributors, suppliers, and other filers. Tax Compliance lowers operational costs and improves filing accuracy and reliability minimizing business and compliance risks. Phone Number: (972) 535-4506, Web:, email: