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​How to Enroll for myPATH

myPATH - Pennsylvania Tax Hub

Although some myPATH features are available without the need to establish a username or password, you may be required to sign up for a profile to use features for some tax types. When signing up, please consider the following requirements:

  • A unique email address that is not associated with any other myPATH profile
  • Usernames must be a minimum of 5 characters (no special characters)
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least one of the following: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Primary phone number

If you create a username and password to use myPATH as a tax account holder, your profile gives you full access to your own tax account information with the ability to also grant access to other myPATH users.


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​Third Party Tax Professionals

If you are a tax professional, you are encouraged to sign up for a third party user profile which allows you to access tax account information for your clients.

Changes made to the myPATH sign up process on November 30, 2022.

  • When signing up for a myPATH logon as a First Party or Business Owner, an access letter is no longer required unless there is Federal Tax Information (FTI) on the account you are attempting to gain access to.
    • Customers can gain access to their account(s) by verifying detail about an account they own.
    • This allows instant access to their account(s) without the need to wait for a letter.
    • When gaining access to a tax account, you will need the following items to gain access:
      • Valid ID number (SSN, FEIN, PATH ID, or Revenue ID)
      • One of the following in order to gain access to the tax account:
        • Payment amount on the specified tax type; or,
        • Return line-item amount on the specified tax type; or,
        • PATH Letter ID; or,
        • Online Business Registration Confirmation Code.
  • When signing up for a myPATH logon as a Third party, it is no longer required that your client have a myPATH first party/owner logon.
    • When requesting account access to a client’s account, the department no longer requires the client to sign up as a first party for myPATH. Third parties will be able to gain access to accounts they manage on behalf of their client(s) by verifying detail about the account if the client has not signed up for a myPATH profile.
    • If the client is signed up for a myPATH profile, the client will have to grant the third party access to their account(s).
  • Migrating e-TIDES accesses to myPATH
    • To aid in the transition of e-TIDES users to myPATH, existing e-TIDES users will have the ability to migrate their existing e-TIDES access to myPATH after they create their new myPATH logon and are logged into their myPATH account.
    • Customer will create a myPATH login and be presented with a link to migrate e-TIDES access once logged in.
    • Customer will then enter their e-TIDES User IDs and Passwords (i.e., e-Signature account credentials) to gain their existing access in e-TIDES.