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​Payment Options

myPATH - Pennsylvania Tax Hub

myPATH makes it easy, convenient, and secure for you to make payments. You have the option to pay most balances by providing your bank account and routing information, or by credit/debit card. Credit/debit card payments are processed by ACI Payments, Inc. and are subject to convenience fees. Many payment options are available directly on the myPATH homepage and do not require a username/password, including:

  • Bill payments
  • Estimated, extension, and return payments (individuals, fiduciaries, and partnerships)
  • Pay off a lien
  • Bank attachment payments
  • Wage garnishment payments

Instructions for making a 501-coupon payment via myPATH on or after November 30:

  1. Log into your myPATH account at
  2. Select "Make a Payment" through the hyperlink provided with the Employer Withholding Tax (W3) account panel.
  3. Select the "Filing Period" from the dropdown
  4. Select the "Payroll Period" from the dropdown.  This will vary depending on you filing frequency.
  5. Enter "Gross Compensation"
  6. Enter "PA Withholding Tax"
  7. Select "Next"
  8. Select the type of payment method you wish to use.

If ACH Debit is selected, you will be prompted to enter the information below and then select submit. A confirmation number with a printable view will be available after submission.

If Credit/Debit Card is selected, Payment Type, Filing Period and Payment Amount will prepopulate, and you will then select the "Input Credit/Debit Card Info" hyperlink.

After selecting "Input Credit/Debit Card Info" you will be redirected to the ACI Payments, Inc. website.  The Credit Card bullet will pre-fill and you will then select "Continue" and follow the steps to complete your transaction.

aci payments.png
Once you complete all steps on the ACI site, you will be re-directed back to myPATH. 

9.      Select "Calculate ACI Transaction Fee" and the ACI Transaction Fee will automatically populate.
10.   Select "Submit" and you will then be provided with a Printable Confirmation screen.