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Director Of Revenue’s New Bureau Of Business Taxpayer Accounting Excited To See Revenue Reorganization Moving Forward

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November 06, 2019 02:00 PM
By: Revenue Communications Department

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As a 16-year Department of Revenue employee, Josh Hulstine has been a key contributor for many of the department's significant projects in recent memory. As the director of the department's new Bureau of Business Taxpayer Accounting, Hulstine also believes that many of the changes occurring within the department will greatly improve customer service for the Pennsylvania taxpayers who interact with Revenue staff.

"The department has been operating for 90 years, so it's not too often that we find ourselves saying, 'We are venturing into exciting, yet uncharted territory,'" Hulstine said. "But many of our projects, particularly the reorganization of our business tax bureaus, are taking us in new directions that will help us operate more efficiently."

Hulstine was named as the director of the Bureau of Business Taxpayer Accounting in late August. The announcement came shortly before Revenue implemented a significant piece of its reorganization strategy — shifting two prior bureaus into three new ones. As part of this shift, the Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes and the Bureau of Corporation Taxes were realigned into the Bureau of Business Taxpayer Accounting, the Bureau of Business Tax Returns Processing and the Bureau of Taxation Support.

Hulstine explained his new bureau was created to align the core process of taxpayer accounting. The bureau is organized to efficiently and accurately apply payments to taxpayer accounts, correct misapplied payments posted to the system, apply and track taxpayer credits, process refund requests and manage taxpayer accounts.

"Our goal is to create a centralized bureau for our business taxpayers to make it easier for them to manage their accounts and get the information they need from the department," Hulstine said. "This is a commonsense move that will help not only our customers, but staff here at the department who will have a better structure and work processes in place."

Hulstine began his career at the department as a permanent part-time clerk and went on to serve as the director of the Tax Registration Office when that bureau was officially launched in 2016. In March of this year, he was named the director of the Bureau of Corporation Taxes before his new bureau was launched earlier this summer.

In recent years, Hulstine was a contributor to many department initiatives, including the Digital Document Processing pilot program, which resulted in the department's Intelligence Mail Barcode project. He was also assigned to the department's modernization project team as the department launched its new tax administration system, the Pennsylvania Tax Hub (PATH), and new e-services portal, myPATH.

"I believe that hard work and dedication have helped me in my career here at the department," Hulstine said. "I think the department is moving forward with many truly meaningful innovations that will position us for future success. I'm honored and humbled to serve as part of a leadership team that is on the cutting edge of how we approach tax administration."

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