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Informational Notices

Informational Notice - Corporation Taxes and Personal Income Tax 2018-1 -- Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Informational Notice – Miscellaneous Tax 2018-01 – Malt Beverage Tax Credit Program

Information Notice - Sales and Use Tax 2017-01 -- Property and Services Directly Used in Timbering Operations

Information Notice - Corporation Taxes 2016-01 -- Add-Back

Informational Notice - Miscellaneous Tax 2015-01 -- Education Tax Credits

Information Notice - Corporation Taxes 2014-01 -- Sourcing the Sales of Services

Informational Notice - Inheritance Tax 2014-01 -- Family Farm Exemptions

Informational Notice - Local Option Cigarette Tax 2014-02 -- Pennsylvania Local Option Cigarette Tax in a School District of First Class: Rates and Floor Tax Guidelines

Information Notice - Sales and Use Tax 2014-02 -- Natural Gas Mining

Information Notice - Bank Shares Tax 2014-01 -- Bank Shares Tax Receipts Factor Apportionment

Information Notice - Realty Transfer Tax 2014-01 -- Real Estate Company Acquisitions after Act 52 of 2013

Information Notice Sales and Use Taxes 2014-01 -- Pennsylvania Sales Tax Documentation Requirements for Sales of Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Natural Gas, and Propane

Informational Notice - Personal Income Tax 2013-04 -- Intangible Drilling & Development Costs

Informational Notice  - Personal Income Tax 2013-02 -- Electronic Submission of Pennsylvania Form PA-20S/PA-65 - PA S Corporation/Partnership Information Return with 100 or more Pennsylvania Schedules RK-1s and/or NRK-1s

Informational Notice - Miscellaneous Tax 2013-01 -- PA Department of Revenue Guidelines for Collection and Administrative Bank Attachment Required by Act 85 of 2012

Informational Notice - Realty Transfer Tax and Personal Income Tax 2012-04 -- Division and Transfer of Interests Related to Oil and Natural Gas

Informational Notice - Motor Fuels Taxes 2012-03 -- Restrictions on Exemptions and Sales of Fuels and Liquid Fuels to or by Political Subdivisions in this Commonwealth

Informational Notice - Personal Income Tax 2012-02 -- Submission of Federal Form 1099-MISC for Payments of Income from Sources within the Commonwealth of Nonemployee Compensation or Under an Oil and Gas Lease

Informational Notice - Inheritance Tax 2012-01 -- Inheritance Tax Exemptions for Agricultural Commodities, Agricultural Conservation Easements, Agricultural Reserves, Agricultural Use Property and Forest Reserves