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2020 Personal Income Tax Forms

The department will be able to process 2020 personal income tax estimated payments made in 2020 if taxpayers complete and mail a PA-40ES (I), Declaration of Estimated Tax coupon to the department along with their check for the estimated tax amount. Taxpayers should write “2020 Estimated Tax Payment” and the last four digits of the primary taxpayer’s SSN on the memo line of their check.

The mailing address for the payment is included with the coupon.

PA-40 ES (F/C) -- 2020 PA-40ES Fiduciary/Partnership/Shareholder - Declaration of Estimated Withholding Tax for Fiduciaries, Partnerships & Other Pass Through Entities

PA-40 ES (I) -- 2020 PA-40ES Individual - Declaration of Estimated Personal Income Tax

REV-413 (F) -- 2020 Instructions for Estimating PA Fiduciary Income Tax - For Estates and Trusts Only

REV-413 (I) -- 2020 Instructions for Estimating PA Personal Income Tax - For Individuals Only

REV-414 (F) -- 2020 Estates and Trusts Worksheet for PA Estimated Tax

REV-414 (I) -- 2020 Individuals Worksheet for PA Estimated Tax