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PA Business Tax e-Services TeleFile

Use the Department's TeleFile system to quickly and easily file payments - including assessment, billing, late and notice payments - for corporation taxes, employer withholding, malt beverage tax, public transportation assistance fund tax/fees, sales/use tax, unstampable little cigar tax and vehicle rental tax using a touch-tone telephone. The toll-free number is 1-800-748-8299. 

Transmission of your TeleFile tax return and ACH Debit payment must be completed before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on or before the due date in order to be considered timely.

NOTE: To avoid electronic payments from being rejected, please contact your Financial Institution to remove any ACH Debit Blocks on your account and grant PA Department of Revenue authorization to debit your bank account.

If you have further questions, or need assistance, please contact the e-Business Tax Unit at

Select a type of tax below to see what information you will need to use TeleFile: