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​Office of Legislative Affairs

This webpage is for members and staff of the General Assembly to assist with constituent inquiries.

The Department of Revenue, Office of Legislative affairs, serves as a liaison for the State Legislature and the Governor’s Office.  This includes maintaining a presence at committee meetings held by the House and Senate and working directly with members and staff on legislation related to Revenue matters. The office is also responsible for advocating legislation on behalf of the Governor and the Department and tracking proposals introduced by the General Assembly to determine the overall impact.

In addition, this office deals with House and Senate members on a daily basis by answering questions regarding state tax issues, rules and regulations, and department operations.

“Waiver of Confidentiality Provisions” Form

As of January 1, 2018, a signed "Waiver of Confidentiality Provisions" form will be required to discuss taxpayer personally identifiable information with legislative offices regarding constituent inquiries. The waiver requirement is to maintain the security of personally identifiable information and abide by IRS confidentiality rules. General non-taxpayer specific questions will not require a waiver.

Frequently Asked Questions and best practices on filling out the waiver:

  1. Under “Legislative Office Information”, a named representative to receive information can be “Representative/Senator John Smith’s office”.
  2. Prefer both the “Reason for contact” and “Relevant tax period/type” to be filled out together.
  3.  Only 1 joint filer will need to sign the waiver.
  4. Waivers should be emailed to the Office of Legislative Affairs when making a taxpayer inquiry.
  5. If a valid waiver is on file for a taxpayer, subsequent inquiries associated with the “reason for contact” will not require a new waiver.
  6. Legislative Offices that prepare Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications and sign as the preparer are equivalent to a waiver.

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Reminders

  • Applications should be sent via the same procedures as used over the previous year.
    • File online using myPATH ; or
    • Claims are to be mailed to the general address listed in the PA-1000 booklet; or
    • Forward to your Harrisburg office. Harrisburg staff have procedures in place to messenger claim applications to the Department.
  • PTRR applications are typically uploaded onto DOR’s system around the end of April and rebate checks are not mailed until after July 1st.
  • The last two weeks prior to the filing deadline, the Office of Legislative Affairs will accept PTRR applications via email to make sure claim forms (PA-1000) are timely received.
  • Status checks may be made by email or calling the Office of Legislative Affairs liaisons or by utilizing "Where’s My Property Tax/Rent Rebate?".

Tutorial and Training Videos for Legislative Staff

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Tutorial


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