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CORRECTED - PA W-2 Wage Records (CSV)

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The file you upload needs to be a Comma Delimited file (i.e. CSV format) and contain a data element for each column specified below. It should contain a minimum of 21 columns of data.

Column Data Format Required
Entity ID9-digit Entity ID number for business being filed. Usually a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN), containing no dashes or spaces.Yes
Type of Entity ID3-digit number indicates the Entity ID Type. Please refer to Appendix A for Code List.Yes
Account Number
The 8-digit Withholding ID containing no dashes or spaces.Yes
Tax Year4-digit value of year reported.Yes
Taxpayer Identification Number9-digit number for employee Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or Federal Employer Identification Number, containing no dashes or spaces. If an employee has multiple wage records, you must add them together for submission.Yes
Type of Taxpayer Identification3-digit number indicates the Taxpayer Identification Type. Please refer to Appendix A for Code List.Yes
Employee NumberCompany Employee ID, 20 characters max. 
Employee Last Name30 Characters Max.Yes
Employee First Name20 Characters Max.Yes
Employee Middle Name20 Characters Max. 
Employee Name Suffix4 Characters Max. 
Address Line 1Apartment Number, Box Number, Street Address, or Unit and Box for U.S. Military Address, 50 characters max.Yes
Address Line 2Street Address if not on Address Line 1, 50 characters max. 
Address Line 3Hamlet, Village or other information if it needs to appear before the City or Town, 50 characters max. 
City/TownCity, Town, etc. APO, FPO, DPO for U.S. Military Address.Yes
Governing District U.S. States use 2 character abbreviation, Canadian Providences use 2 character abbreviation, Mexico Federal Districts use 3 character abbreviation, U.K. County use county name etc., U.S. Military Addresses use AE, AP, or AA, 30 characters max.Yes
Postal Area U.S. Zip Code, Canadian/Mexico Postal Code, U.K. Postal Code, etc., 15 characters max. U.S. Military Address use 5-digit Zip Code.Yes
Country Code2 character country code as specified in EFW2 Publication 42-007.Yes
State Wages, Tips, etc. (W-2 Box 16)Numeric only including 2 decimal places. Do not report negative figures, minimum value 0.00, maximum value 999999999.99.
State Income Tax (W-2 Box 17)Numeric only including 2 decimal places. Do not report negative figures, minimum value 0.00, maximum value 999999999.99.Yes
Correction Type CodeD – Delete Record
A – Add Record