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​New! - Business Taxes Coming to myPATH in Late November 2022

myPATH - Pennsylvania Tax Hub

The department is excited to add more tax types to the system and to make filing and paying quick and easy for taxpayers. The next phase of the department’s modernization project involves the transition of all business taxes including employer withholding tax, sales tax, and corporation taxes into the Pennsylvania Tax Hub (PATH) system. This transition is expected to begin in late November 2022. The following are tax types coming to myPATH, including, but not limited to:

  • Booking Agent Tax
  • Public Transportation Assistance
  • Consumer Fireworks Tax
  • Public Utility Realty
  • Corporate Net Income Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Gross Premiums Corporation Tax
  • Shares Tax
  • Gross Receipts Corporation Tax
  • Small Games of Chance
  • Individual Cigarette Excise
  • Unstampable Little Cigar
  • Malt Beverage Tax
  • Vehicle Rental Tax
  • Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax
  • Wine Excise Tax
  • Other Tobacco Products
  • Withholding Tax


New Business Tax Registration

The Pennsylvania Online Business Entity Registration (PA-100) will be replaced in late November 2022. Customers will be directed to myPATH’s "Pennsylvania Online Business Tax Registration" service to register a business entity with the department. The new myPATH registration service will include registration for all tax types included in the existing PA-100 application. This will also include the ability to register for corporate net income tax, corporation specialty taxes, and other withholding taxes that are new services being offered with this transition to myPATH. Read more.


e-TIDES, the current online filing system for business taxpayers, will be replaced beginning in late November 2022. That means all business taxpayers and current e-TIDES users will instead use myPATH for filing returns, making payments, and managing their accounts.

It is recommended that all e-TIDES users wait until late November 2022 to create a myPATH profile for taxes being transitioned in the fifth phase of the modernization project.

Third party tax professionals with access to client tax accounts in e-TIDES will be able to migrate their account access into the new system beginning in late November 2022. These users will be required to enter their e-TIDES User ID and Password (i.e., e-Signature account credentials) to migrate access.

e-TIDES Functionality Post Transition

The Department of Revenue will keep select e-TIDES functionality available in parallel with the migration to myPATH for approximately 90 days after the completion of this phase of the project. Customers are encouraged to establish their myPATH profile as soon as possible during this transition period to become familiar with the services available in myPATH. The extended availability of certain e-TIDES services is intended to be a contingency for customers, enabling a smoother transition to myPATH.

The following functionality will remain available concurrently on e-TIDES as well as myPATH for approximately 90 days:

  • Sales Tax and W-3 Employer Returns
  • Sales Tax and W-3/501 Employer Payments
  • Corporation Tax Payments, including estimated, extension requests, and delinquency payments

All other existing e-TIDES services not identified in the previous section will no longer be supported on e-TIDES after November 2022. These services will be available via myPATH, including, but not limited to:

  • Cigarette license renewals
  • Account updates and maintenance
  • Notice payments
  • RCT-101D

Multi-factor Authentication

Unlike e-TIDES, myPATH users will be required to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means, user profiles will be protected by a unique security code that will need to be entered any time they are using a new browser or device. 

e-Correspondence and Account Maintenance

Like e-TIDES, myPATH will offer convenient services for business taxpayers, such as, opting into electronic correspondence, changing filing frequencies, updating addresses, and requesting statements of account.