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Employer PA-501 Deposit Statement/ACH Debit Payment

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The file you upload needs to be a Comma Delimited file (i.e. CSV format) and contain a data element for each column specified below. It should contain a minimum of 12 columns of data.​

Column Data Format Required
Account NumberThe 8-digit Withholding ID or the 11-digit Account Number for the Withholding Tax Account containing no dashes or spaces.
Period End DateThe end date for the period you wish to submit the return or payment for. The following are valid formats for the date
   Jan 1, 2000
CompensationTotal Compensation Subject to PA Tax.Yes
Withholding TaxHow much withholding tax there isYes
CreditsHow much credit to applyYes
PaymentHow much to payYes
Warehouse Release DateThe Date to withdraw the money from the bank.Yes
Entity IDEntity ID for business being filed. Usually an EIN or SSN.Yes
Type of Entity IDThis indicates the type of number used for the Entity ID. Click here to view Code List.Yes
ABA Routing NumberABA Routing Transit Number for ACH Debit Accounts.Yes
Bank Account NumberBank Account Number for ACH Debit Accounts.Yes
Bank Account TypeType of Bank Account Used for ACH Debit.
S: Savings
C: Checking.